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Sex Pillow | Portable Inflatable Sex Wedge & Sofa | Starting At $20

Best sex pillow for couples. Portable inflatable sex wedge & sofa can help you in all the right sex positions. Fast & Free Shipping.100% Privacy Package.

Learn more about the sex wedge pillow

Have you ever wanted to explore new sex positions but weren’t quite sure how to achieve them? Maybe you want longer, sustained sex, but can’t seem to get it right. Whether you’re looking for more comfort in your everyday routine, or looking to spice things up with something new, the best sex pillow will make for a satisfying, more comfortable sex experience.

Sexfurniturehub offers all kinds of beautiful and cheap sex toy pillows. Right here you can find the best sex pillow for you or your partner. And the privacy package is guaranteed.

The sex pillow is a firm, angled “pillow”. It is also known as a position pillow or a position cushion and is very soft. Sex pillow cushions come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to make sex more comfortable. The sex wedge pillow is different from an ordinary pillow or throws a pillow. The sex pillow is made of high-density foam, which can keep its shape permanently. The liberator sex wedge is perfect for bracing new positions or fixing awkward angles to help you get the most out of your fun.

If you’ve ever had a pillow or a regular pillow in bed under your bum or your partner’s bum during sex, you should invest in a sex pillow designed just for that to enhance your sexual experience.

Sexfurniturehub sells various types of sturdy sex pillows. The best sex wedge provides the perfect angle for masturbation, solo, or gay threesome sex for better G-spot stimulation. In addition, the dame sex pillow has a beautiful style that can be disguised as ordinary bedroom decoration, protecting your privacy.

If you are curious about using a sex pillow, we have listed for you the advantages that the best pillow for sex offers. Five reasons why Sexfurniturehub thinks you should be using a sex pillow:

  • Better Angle: Using a wedge sex pillow allows you to obtain and maintain the correct sexual position angle, allowing you to enjoy longer and continuous sexual stimulation.
  • More G-spot Stimulation: By raising your buttocks with the sex pillow wedge, the penis will be able to enter your G-spot more easily, thus achieving a better angle and bringing more G-spot stimulation!
  • Deeper Penetration: The right angle means easier penetration, which means deeper penetration.
  • Less Fatigue: Since the sex wedge pillow supports your body weight, you won’t get tired as easily. You can hold your favorite positions longer!
  • New sex positions: With the support of cheap sex pillows, you can try all kinds of sex positions you want to experience as you like.

Beyond that, sex pillows open up a whole new world of positional experimentation. It can provide the right lift for easier oral sex, or better doggy sex, with your sexual partner. Sexfurniturehub has listed various best wedge pillows for sex that can add more spice to your sexy time.

Currently, the main types of sex pillows available on the market are as follows:

  • Wedge Sex Pillow: This type of pillow elevates your butt, allowing you to position yourself for the perfect angle of penetration! It can be used alone or with other wedges.
  • Sex Ramp: These pillows offer the same benefits as wedge pillows, but due to their larger size, support your entire body!
  • Half Moon Sex Pillow: This particular type of half-moon pillow is designed with a toy rack in the middle, allowing you to mount your favorite dildo, prostate massager, probe, or other toys in the middle and then ride on it.
  • Cylinders: Similar to half-moon throw pillows, these toys can be thought of as “full moons”. Depending on the design, they can be used as a sex toy stand, a way to position your body, or both!
  • Inflatable Sex Pillows: For those who don’t have the money for a quality foam-filled sex pillow, inflatable furniture offers a more practical and affordable option.
  • Sex Toy Mount: Any type of pillow that holds (mounts) a sex toy is a sex toy mount sex pillow.

Choosing the perfect sex pillow for yourself depends entirely on what you plan to do with it.

Sexfurniturehub recommends what you need to consider before purchasing the best sex pillow:

Shape and Extras

First, you need to consider how the sex wedge cushions design will help you and your partner maintain a comfortable position while using your newfound sexual technology. Second, look at the shape and slope of your sex pillow, and make sure to focus on your entire body, not just where your genitals are placed. Some wedge sex pillows also come with clever extras, such as more padding around the knee where it’s supposed to be.


Choose a love pillow based on the size and type of sex positions you want to try. If you’re going to be doing some really powerful moves, you’ll need the wedge sex pillow to support more weight than less, because the last thing you want is to roll over during intercourse. NOTE: It’s worth looking at what the inside and outside of the pillow are made of, as you’d love it to last just as long.


If you buy a high-quality pillow, you’ll be more likely to bend, flip, squeeze, and fold it into shapes to suit your needs. Also, look at the types of positions it recommends to see if it gives you enough versatility to keep things interesting.


You may find yourself hesitant about some of the prices you see, but this is where you get what you pay for. The right price will keep you from having to replace the pillow for sex after some non-routine use.
Buy from a trusted store or website. Safer warranty and return policy.

Using a sex pillow is simple. You simply slide it into place under your or your partner’s hips or pelvis and adjust your body until you are comfortable.

There are no hard-and-fast rules for using a sex pillow, and you may need to experiment a bit to see what feels right for you.

Want to explore using sex pillows for fun sex positions but don’t know where to start? Here are the best sex pillow positions that Sexfurniturehub recommends for you:

  • Missionary: Placing a sex wedge pillow under the buttocks when missionary helps to lift the pelvis at a more convenient angle for penetration. This is the best G-spot stimulation and anal sex position.
  • On top: With a sex pillow under your body, it both provides some leverage and you get more lift with minimal energy.
  • Doggy sex: This position can be enhanced with a sex pillow of any shape. Place the highest point of the sex mat under the recipient’s buttocks for added support. If using a sex ramp, the recipient can relax more of their body on the mat. With a cylindrical sex mat, you and your partner can roll back and forth with each thrust.
  • Oral sex: Elevating the recipient’s buttocks with a sex wedge to make their genitals more accessible. This can also reduce neck stress on the giver.
  • Leg lifts: An elevated position with one partner’s legs, such as the position where the legs rest on the shoulders, can be a challenge. If you add a wedge under your leg to lift partner’s hips, you can relieve their lower back.
  • Masturbation: Pair the Half Moon Pillow with your favorite sex toy and use the pillow as a cushion. Or, lean on a wedge, using the thicker part to support your head and shoulders, for reclining masturbation.

Customer Questions & Answers About Shopping Sex Pillow

If you’ve been together for a long time, all the normal sex positions can get tiring and tedious. A sex pillow for women can skyrocket your bedroom fun with your partner to levels you never imagined possible. Before buying, check out our customer Q&A, you will get what you want.

A: The sex ramp is just a bigger sex pillow. Sexual wedges are smaller and designed to support specific areas of the body. Several sex toy companies make Wedge ramp combos, and over time couples buy a variety of inflatable wedges, flip ramps, and sex pillows, depending on their needs and age.

A: While regular bed pillows can bend into place or slide quickly under a lover’s buttocks, sex pillows are specially designed in a variety of pillow shapes with curves, ridges, slopes, and wedges for vigorous sexual activity. Plus, the high-end pillow comes with a removable microfiber fabric cover that’s easy to wash after use. Plus, they’re sturdier than the softer surface of regular pillows, bed pillows, or sofa cushions, and they’re made of high-density foam that supports your body weight and natural contours in a variety of complex poses.

A: Hello! Yes, sex pillow with a dildo, the base goes to the bottom of the pillow and swallows even the biggest of toys whole.

A: Yes, it came in a flat package. On the package, there are no words or descriptions about sex. 100% privacy package.

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